ZOOX Media & Connectivity
ZOOX Media & Connectivity
WiFi Cloud Platform for large companies and Telecom segment.
It's not just WiFi management.
It's a new business tool..
Zoox WiFi Cloud Platform is a robust and White Label solution for telecom companies (WiFi Grade Carrier) and large companies that want to have a platform to manage, distribute and offer a Smart WiFi to their consumers within their establishments.
Why White Label?
The look-and-feel you want.
With the Zoox WiFi White Label customization tools you can choose what is best for your business: login by token, register with custom fields, social networks or whatever else you imagine.
Your own Big Data.
Set up your Dashboard and have complete analytics reports to manage the data that has been extracted from your customers, deepening your knowledge about them and improving your sales.
All Data in one place
Integrate our WiFi solution with your CRM systems, POS, third-party database, social networks, loyalty programs, carrier Carrier Grade and more with our powerful API.  
Did you ever imagine having a detailed map of the areas most explored by your customers within your establishments?
With 1.5m accuracy, Zoox Retail Intelligence delivers a real-time heatmap of users within your establishments. A strong ally in the management of merchandising of its products in the POS. If your customer has already connected to any of the thousands of Zoox WiFi Cloud outlets, you can cross-reference the heatmap area data with details about the profiles.
ZOOX.Heavy technology for a lighter life.
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